29 april 2024

Re Rag Rug vernissage at Rothko Museum in Latvia

Next week our project Re Rag Rug will be exhibited at the Rothko Museum in Daugavpils, Latvia. 
It is the first time in a while when all the twelve original rugs are exhibited. We are trilled and will start packing soon! 

25 februari 2024

What's in a t-shirt?

During our residency at The Australian Tapestry Workshop, also travelling from the other side of the world, we decided to experiment with material sourced on site. We were donated post production yarn from ATWs tapestry weaving and also t-shirt waste from Textile Recyclers Australia. We worked on combining these two very different materials; one exclusive, the other worthless. The t-shirts were sliced into a stretchy warp for a tapestry weave with the already blended colours of wool as weft. 

We came home with an experimental tapestry with a jersey warp and wool weft. The colors blended in perfectly with the Autumn colours outside our studio. The idea of tapestry weaving with these materials still need to be explored further.

In the meantime we've continued experimenting, partly by using t-shirts as warp but the t-shirt as a raw material has led us into exploring many more possibilities the t-shirt offers us. 


So What’s in a T-shirt?

A t-shirt is typically made of cotton in a jersey knit and has become a large part of fast fashion. We buy them and we waste them in a fast pace. The production processes include heavy impact on the environment. They have very little or no second hand value, except those with attractive retro- prints. As with some of our previous projects, Do Redo and Re Rag Rug, we explore how we through craft techniques can add value to a worthless material. We have worked with the t-shirt as material for creating rugs, but not with keeping the archetypic shape of the T (shirt).


Looking at creative makers at social media, many cut- and re-shaping ideas have become viral. We want to transform the t-shirt in our own way by using sometimes very time consuming craft techniques, to see if we can load it with new value. Still being a t-shirt. 

Our work is challenging ourselves to be as creative as possible with a specific material. However, when working with t-shirts as material you cannot avoid talking about the invisible things that are in a t-shirt before it ends up in our wardrobes: from growing the cotton and all the following steps in a manufacturing process often exploiting both soil and labour. All for our cheap t-shirt. It is such a shame to waste them and a general question is if we make them more sustainable and valuable?

A more specific question is posed to ourselves: can we (Katarina Brieditis & Katarina Evans) come up with 100 new t-shirts, made out of old t-shirts by adding design and craft techniques? 

In the AIR exhibition at ATW we are showing six t-shirts made out of old t-shirts. In each one of them there is more than one t-shirt. They are multi-layered or made into yarn. They are made in a variation of craft techniques: knitting, crochet, weaving, running stitches, needle lace, layering etc. 

We believe the answer is yes so stay tuned, there's more to come! 

2 februari 2024

Artist in Residence Group Show, 15 Feb- 6 April

ARTIST FEATURE | Studio Brieditis & Evans

Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans (SWE) have worked collaboratively as Studio Brieditis & Evans (@studiobrieditisandevans) for over 20 years. Since their initial collaboration, they have continued to push design boundaries by uniquely forming textile waste. As inaugural recipients of the Irene Davies International Residency Scholarship, the duo experimented with materials sourced on site - donated post production waste from the ATW and t-shirt waste from Textile Recyclers Australia.

"We worked on combining these two very different materials; one exclusive, the other worthless. The t-shirts were sliced into a stretchy warp for a tapestry weave with the already blended colours of wool as weft. Using t-shirt as warp led us into exploring the possibilities the t-shirt as raw material offers us. We are showing six t-shirts made out of old t-shirts. In each one of these there is more than one t-shirt. They are multi-layered or made into yarn. They are made in a variation of craft techniques: knitting, crochet, weaving, running stitches, needle lace, layering etc."

See their work as part of the 2023 Artists in Residence Group Show until Saturday 6 April 2024.

Image: 2023 Artists in Residence Group Show in situ. Photo: Marie Luise Skibbe

2023 Artist in Residence Group show

15 februari öppnar en grupputställning på Australian Tapestry Workshop. Utställare är alla konstnärer som under 2023 haft en Artist in Residence där. 

Vi visar sex t-shirts gjorda av andra t-shirts. Lager på lager eller klippta till trasor bearbetade till nya t-shirts men med andra långsamma handarbetstekniker, där resultatet behåller t-shirtens arketypiska form. 

Utställningen pågår t o m 6 april.

12 oktober 2023

Finissage HANTVERKET 12-20

 Sista chansen att se utställningen HANTVERKET på Stadsmuseet. 

Öppet 12.20 torsdag 12/10.

3 oktober 2023

Sthlm Craft Week på Stadsmuseet -HANTVERKET 3-12/10

För tredje året i rad ställer vi ut tillsammans med andra medlemmar i Hantverkarna Stockholm i samband med Sthlm Craft Week.

Vi ställer ut en tröja gjord av två t-shirts sammansatta i vävd färgeffekt-teknik. Vår hantverks- och designpraktik utgår ofta från textilt överskottsmaterial där vi med ett fritt och experimentellt förhållningssätt hittar nya uttryck och värden för så kallat värdelöst material. Just nu utmanar vi oss med ett projekt där vi genom det textila hantverket utforskar t-shirten som idé och råmaterial.

Under 1930-talet anordnades en framgångsrik hantverksutställning av Hantverkarna Stockholm. HANTVERKET kom att bli ett begrepp och upptakten till en permanent utställningsplats för högkvalitativt hantverk vid Brunkebergstorg i centrala Stockholm. Där visades de priser som lottades ut i det oerhört populära Hantverkslotteriet, en institution i Stockholmslivet under slutet av 1800-talet och en stor del av 1900-talet.

I 2023 år version av HANTVERKET på Stadsmuseet i Stockholm delar elva medlemmar från Hantverkarna Stockholm. Utställarna är samtliga utmärkta representanter för föreningen med hög kvalitet i sina konsthantverk och en häpnadsväckande kreativitet.

25 augusti 2023

ON-GOING 10/8-27/10 2023

ON-GOING is our exhibition at The Australian Tapestry workshop. Showing between 10/8 - 27/10 2023.

The exhibition presents a selection of our works and the never-ending process that working with textiles offer. The many facets, endless challenges, surprises, adventures and always on-going. 

The Re Rag Rugs  (3 out of 12) Tailor, Off Pits and Confetti are represented along with embroidered, applique and sculptural works by Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans. 


23 juli 2023

Touchdown Melbourne och ATW

Vi har anlänt Melbourne i Australien och checkat in på Australian Tapestry Workshop. 

I denna gamla stickfabrik i South Melbourne kommer vi att spendera fyra veckors konstnärsresidens. Vi har fått vår egna lilla arbetshörna i denna fantastiska lokal där spännande bildvävar vävs. Nu ska vi bara installera oss och lära oss att hitta i stan.

Tack till Konstnärsnämnden för resebidrag! 

22 juni 2023

Australian Tapestry Workshop - Residens

Den 24 juli kommer vi att befinna oss i Melbourne, Australien! Under våren har vi förberett för en fyra veckors vistelse på Australian Tapestry Workshop. Vi har tilldelats Irene Davies Internationella residensstipendium och vi kommer att få tid att fokusera på workshoptid tillsammans, i ATWs fantastiska lokaler. 

Den 10 augusti öppnar utställningen On-Going med tre av våra Re Rag Rugs samt några av våra andra arbeten. 

Studio Brieditis & Evans are the recipients of the 2023 Irene Davies International Residency Scholarship. As part of this scholarship they will present a solo exhibition in the ATW galleries of their ‘Re Rag Rug’ works, as well as a lecture and several rag rug workshops. During their residency they will experiment with locally sourced textile waste materials.

5 juli 2022

Museum Acquisition

We are proud and delighted to share the news that the Musée des Arts Décoratif has acquired our rug Off Pist! 

Studio Brieditis & Evans, Off Piste, 2013/2015. Chain stitch tapestry made from recycled T-shirts. Cotton, 204 x 293 cm
Galerie Maria Wettergren is delighted to announce that the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, has acquired the chain stitch rug Off Piste by Swedish textile artist duo, Studio Brieditis & Evans. This pioneering work, handmade from recycled cotton T-shirts, is now officially part of the French National Collections and is currently presented in the exhibition "Ten Years / Design. 10 Years of Acquisitions by the Cercle of Design" on show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris from 23 June to 24 December 2022.
Off Piste was part of Studio Brieditis & Evans' experimental Re Rag Rug project which began in 2012, exploring the social and ecological sustainability of the rug. Studio Brieditis & Evans' objective for this project was to make twelve different tapestries and rugs using various techniques with one thing in common: All of them were made from recycled textiles, such as cotton t-shirts, wool sweaters and tweed jackets. Since 2001, Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans have dedicated themselves to textile art with social and ethical dimensions. The idea of sustainability is key to Brieditis & Evans who through their mastery of craft, show how a traditionally common material can gain nobility and artistic value through exquisite craftsmanship, creating works and manual techniques that can be practiced by textile cultures without access to machines.
Photo credits: Studio Brieditis. Courtesy of the artists and Galerie Maria Wettergren
Clockwise top left: Reorient, Vintergatan, Squeeze, Archipelago. Courtesy of the artists & Galerie Maria Wettergren
Copyright © 2022 Galerie Maria Wettergren, All rights reserved.

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3 oktober 2021

Utställningen Hantverket

Välkomna till Hantverket på Hallwyllska museet, på initiativ av Hantverkarna Stockholm.

Katarina Brieditis, Sebastian Schildt, Calle Forsberg, 
Katarina Evans, Bea Szenfeld och Sofia Björkman

Utställningen visas under STHLM Craft Week, den 30 september till den 3 oktober, och kommer sedan att vara öppen till den 19 oktober.

Ytterligare information om utställningen finns på https://www.hantverkarnastockholm.se/craft-week-2021 

10 november 2020

10-årsjubileum för Galleri Maria Wettergren i Paris

Den här hösten firar Galleri Maria Wettergren 10-årsjubileum. 
Det firas med nya lokaler i hjärtat av Saint-Germain-des-Près à Paris och utställningen Nouvelle Vague och en katalog med konstnärerna galleriet representerar. 

Länk till hela utställningskatalogen.

Galerie Maria Wettergren is delighted to present you the digital publication Nouvelle Vague. Scandinavian Art & Design 1999 - 2020, a richly illustrated survey of contemporary Scandinavian milestone works that have contributed to redefining the international art and design scene over the past twenty years. Among the twenty-one artists included are Mathias Bengtsson, Ilkka Suppanen, Astrid Krogh, Grethe Sørensen, Cecilie Bendixen, Rasmus Fenhann and Tora Urup, whose works range from the most advanced technology to those inspired by traditional craftsmanship in the fields of limited edition furniture design, textile art, sculpture and lighting. While with a radical departure, these contemporary artists maintain a strong connection to their cultural roots, with references to the DNA of Scandinavian design. Their interdisciplinary research into possible expressions related to various materials and techniques seem to echo the Bauhaus school and the thinking of Walter Gropius: Architects, painters, sculptors, we must all return to crafts! For there is no such thing as “professional art”.

30 oktober 2020


Var kommer alla slipsar ifrån? I slipsfabriken hittar de sin väg från centrifugen och vidare ut i världen. 

Imorgon den 31 oktober är det utställningens sista dag och vi är på plats mellan 12.00 och 16.00. Vi berättar gärna mer om slipsfabriken på plats. Men vi håller förstås behörigt avstånd. 

28 oktober 2020

Föreläsning på Almgrens sidenväveri

På torsdag 29 oktober håller vi en föreläsning på Almgrens sidenväveri. Det är ett begränsat antal platser och föranmälan krävs via mail: info@kasiden.se

"Vår väg till Slipsfabriken"

Föredrag med Katarina Brieditis & Katarina Evans
29/10 kl 17-18.
Biljettpris: 100 kr.
Obs! Föranmälan via mail.

20 oktober 2020

Dagens farbriksvy

Arbetet med Re Rag Rug nr 15 fortskrider samtidigt som vi tar emot besökare i utställningen. Här har vi full uppskit över alla delar i produktionen, verklig såväl som den i industrifantasin.


16 oktober 2020


Almgrens sidenväveris museum har i tygberedningsrummet en stor och tung pjäs som är en moirépress. Den är från 1740-talet och moirering är ett sätt att pressa in skiftningar i ett (ofta) enfärgat tygs yta. Det kallas ibland vattrat.  

I vår industrifantasi kan den här pressen klämma ut löpmeter av veckade band. Det släta materialet matas in från toppen och genom hårt tryck spritsas det ut längre ned.

Det är slipsarnas mellanlägg och foder som använts. Mellanlägget är torrt och matt medan fodret är blankt och när de sammanfogas omväxlande med olika sidor upp skapas skiftningar. 
Som om det vore moiré, fast  i 3D.

Almgren silk weaving museum has an enormous piece of machine in the finishing room. It's a moiré press from 1740's and to make moiré is a way of creating a watered pattern in a fabric.

In our imaginary industry this machine presses out smocked bands by the metre. The flat material is fed through the top of the machine and through heavy pressure it is squeezed out further down. 

It is the shiny lining and the dry and mat padding of the ties that has been used. The different lustre of the fabrics creates a moire structure, which is also 3D. 

13 oktober 2020

Re Rag Rug nr. 15 påbörjas.

En av målsättningarna med vår utställning och residens på Almgrens sidenväveri och museum har varit att göra en matta av sidenslipsar. 

Några av alla dessa mörkblå slipsar i samma mönster som vi fick för många år sedan kommer att bli Re Rag Rug nr. 15.

Vi har sytt ihop slipsar på längden och rullat ihop dem till bollar så som man göra med annat trasmatte- material. 

One of the ambitions with the exhibition and residency at Almgrens silk weaving museum has been to make a rug out of silk ties.  

Some of all those dark blue ties with the same pattern that we were donated many years ago will become  Re Rag Rug No. 15.

We have joined lengths of ties and rolled them into balls, just like material for traditional rags rugs would have been collected.