14 november 2019

Re Forest at Open MUJI Singapore

The past couple of weeks we have been busy working on the Christmas spirit. Commissioned to create a Christmas exhibition for MUJI in Singapore. Also to design it so that visitors can participate in the creating process. We have made a Christmas tree covered with white rags and during the period up to Christmas the Open MUJI space be will Re Forested with more trees dressed in white.

The material used is textile scraps from MUJI factories. Off cuts of different white fabrics and in fact the same as we used when creating the 'Cloud' in Tokyo in 2017.

So, if in Singapore 14 November - 25 December, join in and Re Forest with MUJI fabric scraps at

A walk through a Nordic forest, in Christmas time, where snow lies heavy. When snow covers the trees like a quilt, transforming them into white sculptures it creates a special sound. It is so very quiet. All you hear is the crunching of snow underfoot. It is dusk and time to go out and search for this year’s Christmas tree.

6 december 2018

Årets julkram

Det återvunna plagget är utvalt till Årets julklapp!

Vi har ett begränsat antal numrerade plädar Squeeze Me Hold MeTyngden i materialet och den mjuka formen gör den till den perfekta julkramen!

Mått: ca 130x170 cm 
Material: T-shirts och trikåöverskott från textilindustri i Indien, 100% Bomull
Teknik: handstickad
Ursprung: tillverkad i norra Indien av kvinnor som arbetar med småskalig hantverksproduktion
Tvättråd: kemtvätt. Produkten tål vattentvätt eftersom det är 100% bomull men eftersom man normalt inte blandar svart och vitt i samma maskin finns en viss risk att det svarta tonar det vita.

Pläden Squeeze me Hold Me är sprungen ur projektet Re Rag Rug.

Pris: 1775 Kr inkl frakt och postförskott (Postnord)

Beställ genom att maila till info@brieditis-evans.se

7 februari 2018

MUJI molnet nu på Åhléns City

Re Rag Rug nr 17
Vårt moln i ryateknik tillverkad av fabriksspill från det japanska företaget MUJI visas nu på Åhléns City i Stockholm. Finns att beskåda i skyltfönstret på Mästersamuelsgatan t o m 4 mars.

Re Rag Rug No. 17
Our cloud knotted out of excess remains from the production line of MUJI is now displayed at Åhléns City in Stockholm. Mästersamuelsgatan until 4 mars.

19 januari 2018

6 oktober 2017

MUJI off-cuts Re-designed

Our MUJI Cloud has been well featured but in our collaboration with MUJI we were also asked to design cushion covers out of their production waste.

MUJI, Mujirushi Ryohin, translates as "no-brand quality goods" and the company’s socially motivated philosophy of mottainai (don’t waste) is well known. MUJI’s products, are already born from an extremely rational manufacturing process. Even so, all production generates some 'waste' or surplus. In this specific case we were given a selection of textile off-cuts in a variety of qualities and where each quality had a specific size (the off-cut/waste).

In our assignment we should also bring into account that the cushion covers should be re-producable in the same factory where the fabric is manufactured. 

One year and a half down the line, after having experimented and sent our prototype samples out to the factory in China, the first two designs in three colourways were launched in the MUJI Yurakucho Store in September. With two more designs to follow in February 2018.

22 september 2017

Reiko Sudo och ReMUJI

Vi fick fint besök från Japan i ateljén bara ett par dagar efter att vi kommit hem från Tokyo.

Reiko Sudo, textile designer and co-founder of Nuno, visited us in the Studio only a couple of days back from Tokyo. She was invited to Sweden by Iaspis as part of the expert visit program. Sudo's works are part of 'Trådvandringar/Threadways' at Växjö Konsthall 21/9-29/10 and with 'Nuno' at Fiber Space until 14/10.

Reiko Sudo is also a member of the MUJI advisory board, which provides strategic direction for MUJI’s product development and environmental practices. Little did we know that she had been at the Swedish Embassy at our talk the week before!
When getting involved at MUJI she noticed that many of the clothes returned to Muji were perfectly wearable and, keen to avoid unnecessary waste, she initiated ReMUJI, a project of recolouring the donated clothes with indigo, before selling the “new” garments in-store.

Muji has been a long-time participant in the Fuku-Fuku Project, a nationwide effort by retailers inviting customers to drop off their unwanted clothes for recycling. Fuku means both “clothing” and “happiness” in Japanese.
“Through these ReMUJI ventures we’ve taken a closer look at the relationship between people, lifestyle and textiles,” Sudo says. “In a sermon, Buddha once said, ‘Never waste what has been given; do not discard even the smallest scrap that can be used’. This speaks to the heart of what I have always tried to do.” 

21 september 2017

Nouvelles vies på Galerie VIA, Paris

Our rug Off Pist is back in Paris. This time at VIA Gallery, a permanent exhibition venue for design.

The exhibition it is part of is called "Nouvelles Vies" and opens tonight.

Opened 22 September - 25 October 2017

Nouvelles Vies » eco-conception, upcycling and recycling in Design.
From the Campana brothers to Maximum, this show compiles different practises: experimen- tal, industrial, handcrafted and artistic some iconique and some unknown of 30 international designers who believe that eco-design is a tool at the heart of the creative experience. And of society’s need."

17 september 2017

Molnet är färdigt

Molnet är så färdigt som det har kunnat bli på de här dagarna och vi känner oss nöjda.

Sju dagar har det tagit att göra och lite hjälp har vi fått av de frivilliga som gillat att bara vara där, för att både hänga lite och jobba tillsammans med oss. Det har varit lite svettigt men väldigt roligt.

Så här ser det ut nu, molnet. Det kommer att hänga på Atelier Muji fram till sista oktober.
Välkomna dit, ni som har turen att få besöka Tokyo i höst!

 (photos: Leo Brieditis)


Friday, 1 September 2017 - Sunday, 29 October 2017
‘Handscape’ is coined from combining the words ‘hand’ and ‘scape’. A landscape created by human hands; it is not something focused on a specific part but an overall view from a distance. 
For this exhibition, we invited two Swedish artists to work with gallery visitors, in a project to create a large rug using remnant materials left over from MUJI’s production processes. Combining design, ideas and the power of the human hand, the ‘waste’ material will transform into a beautiful piece of artwork. This project also allows you to experience the pleasure of engaging with sustainability and exploring new values with your very own hands.
What is it that we choose as customers?
What is it that makes us challenge ourselves to create something?
There are many ways to enjoy this exhibition: join the project, watch the process and imagine the completed piece. ‘Clouds’ were the inspiration of this rug piece and with your hands this art piece will change little by little everyday.
Please join us to create this rug and see a world that you have never seen before.

16 september 2017


Minä Perhonen

En morgon innan jobbet hann vi åka till Minä Perhonens visning av sin nya kollektion för våren/sommaren 2018. Härliga mönster och fina detaljer.

Vi träffade Akira Minagawa, grundare av företaget Minä Päronen

moln- workshop

Två dagar i följd hade vi förbokade 2-timmars workshops i galleriet. Många hade anmält sitt intresse för att komma och knyta moln med oss. Väldig energi härinne ...

Efter det var det öppen drop-in i ytterligare två dagar, då vem som helst kunde komma och knyta en knut eller två.

Några deltagare stannade kvar och kom tillbaka flera dagar i rad så på det sättet fick vi lite extra hjälp med att få färdigt vårt stora moln i tid. Tack för det!

Thank you Yuki for your extra hands, four days in a row!

13 september 2017

Föreläsning Svenska Ambassaden

Muji bjöd in gästerna till vår föreläsning med efterföljande drink och mingel på och svenska ambassaden i Tokyo.

Föreläsningen gick smidigt tack vare excellent översättning till japanska av Ulrika Yui. I talarstolen Junko-san Suzuki, Senior Curator på Atelier Muji.

Tack Svenska ambassaden och Adam Beije
Även svenska ljusdesigners och arkitekter i publiken (Ljusrum)

4 augusti 2017

Vi är glada att få presentera vårt senaste samarbete med butikskedjan Muji. I samband med lansering av produkter öppnar vi utställningen 'Handscape' på Atelier Muji i Tokyo i september.

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with Muji and our upcoming exhibition 'Handscape' at Atelier Muji in Tokyo this September.

5 juni 2017

From Hong Kong to Design Miami/Basel 2017

Archipelago, just back from the exhibition at HKDI in Hong Kong, is now on its way to Basel.

We are proud to be represented by Galerie Maria Wettergren, participation at the Design Miami/Basel 2017.

Galerie Maria Wettergren is excited to announce its participation at the Design Miami/Basel 2017 with a new selection of sculptural works by contemporary Scandinavian designers. By privileging an interdisciplinary dialogue between design, art, crafts and technology, Galerie Maria Wettergren presents a selection of hybrid works oscillating between sculptural refinement and architectural poignancy.
Galerie Maria Wettergren will be highlighting conceptually and technically innovating pieces, in which the DNA of a material or concept is sublimated for the sake of sculptural form through various crafts processes; with a social dimension in the wall tapestry Archipelago by Studio Brieditis & Evans, a handmade cross-stitch embroidery made from recycled T-shirts; 

22 mars 2017

'Islands' arrived in Hong Kong

The rug Islands has arrived in Hong Kong, with 'Tailor', 'Grid' and 'Archipelago'.  
It is made of selvedge waste and is part of the exhibition that inaugurates 'The Centre of Innovative Materials & Technology' at HKDI where we had our large exhibition in 2014-2015.