26 augusti 2014

målar med tröjor

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  1. i was wondering if you were able to keep on working
    inspite of getting caught up with the exhibitions.
    glad to see you can.

    one of the problems with rag rugs is with the elderly .
    once they have had some sort of brain injury like(stroke)
    and they lose the ability to lift their feet
    and those rugs endup evicted- in some cases tossed,
    encouraged by the health care system~ who do it in the name of safety-
    ~but probably don't want the old coots back(hidden goal)

    but this needs to be addressed some how other than
    with a bucket of nails and a ambitious grand child....

    its a save our rugs project .....!

    love your project wish i lived in the same city to come work with you.