27 november 2014

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(Thank you Joyce Tsang and Ian Tsang !)

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T-shirt mural at HKDI

During four days in the end of November 2014 this mural was improvised on site, in public at HKDI. The composition became a powerful motion which does not follow the built construction. Like a wave, living and pulsating, a movement breaking the frame in order to flow freely.

This mural is made of about 300 kilos of discarded t-shirts. Half of them from Swedish consumers and the equal amount from Hong Kong. All over the globe we buy them, wear them and waste them.

Originating from the cotton fields, planted, watered, fertilized and harvested.
Transformed by ginning, carding, spinning, washing, knitting, dyeing, ironing, cutting, stitching, labeling and packing. Transported, un-packed, displayed, bought, worn, washed and finally discarded.

In this case donated, collected, washed, stored, packed and transported to Hong Kong.
These t-shirts considered worthless have reclaimed their value.

Thank you for your t-shirt donation:
Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, HK
Redress Limited, HK
Myrorna, SE
Salvos Store, AU
Students at HKDI
Staff at HKDI
Visitors at the exhibition
Agnes Nissen
Annika Öhrner
Eva Eriksson
Friedrike Roedenbeck
Kristin Nyström
Leo Brieditis
Rebecka Widell