14 november 2019

Re Forest at Open MUJI Singapore

The past couple of weeks we have been busy working on the Christmas spirit. Commissioned to create a Christmas exhibition for MUJI in Singapore. Also to design it so that visitors can participate in the creating process. We have made a Christmas tree covered with white rags and during the period up to Christmas the Open MUJI space be will Re Forested with more trees dressed in white.

The material used is textile scraps from MUJI factories. Off cuts of different white fabrics and in fact the same as we used when creating the 'Cloud' in Tokyo in 2017.

So, if in Singapore 14 November - 25 December, join in and Re Forest with MUJI fabric scraps at

A walk through a Nordic forest, in Christmas time, where snow lies heavy. When snow covers the trees like a quilt, transforming them into white sculptures it creates a special sound. It is so very quiet. All you hear is the crunching of snow underfoot. It is dusk and time to go out and search for this year’s Christmas tree.