21 mars 2015

Workshops på HKDI- All material is good!

During 5 days of Hong Kong spring we had the pleasure to conduct a series of workshops/lecture at HKDI to terminate our 5 month exhibition period. To work outdoors with the t-shirt mural as backdrop created a great studio.

The objective was to share our methods of working with handicrafts and sustainability with the students of Higher Diploma in Fashion Brand and Buying / Product Development and Sourcing. 
Also to give an insight in how to work with waste materials, how to view seemingly worthless materials as a resource. 

We started by guiding the students through the exhibition and went on to hands-on workshops using the t-shirts from the Mural installation. 

All material is good, you only need to create ways to use it!

The students teacher in Textiles, Jo Lau, brought some antique chinese embroideries with her one of the days. Fantastic works to be inspired from!

On the last day and before the mural would be dismantled the the students could collect as much material as they liked from the wall for their future works. Remaining materials will be collected by Ms. Jo Lau and donated to the department and also used when further co‐operating with St. James Settlement. We had a great time and loved to see that there is a genuine interest for crafts and that there is an urge to learn more.