6 oktober 2017

MUJI off-cuts Re-designed

Our MUJI Cloud has been well featured but in our collaboration with MUJI we were also asked to design cushion covers out of their production waste.

MUJI, Mujirushi Ryohin, translates as "no-brand quality goods" and the company’s socially motivated philosophy of mottainai (don’t waste) is well known. MUJI’s products, are already born from an extremely rational manufacturing process. Even so, all production generates some 'waste' or surplus. In this specific case we were given a selection of textile off-cuts in a variety of qualities and where each quality had a specific size (the off-cut/waste).

In our assignment we should also bring into account that the cushion covers should be re-producable in the same factory where the fabric is manufactured. 

One year and a half down the line, after having experimented and sent our prototype samples out to the factory in China, the first two designs in three colourways were launched in the MUJI Yurakucho Store in September. With two more designs to follow in February 2018.