2 februari 2024

Artist in Residence Group Show, 15 Feb- 6 April

ARTIST FEATURE | Studio Brieditis & Evans

Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans (SWE) have worked collaboratively as Studio Brieditis & Evans (@studiobrieditisandevans) for over 20 years. Since their initial collaboration, they have continued to push design boundaries by uniquely forming textile waste. As inaugural recipients of the Irene Davies International Residency Scholarship, the duo experimented with materials sourced on site - donated post production waste from the ATW and t-shirt waste from Textile Recyclers Australia.

"We worked on combining these two very different materials; one exclusive, the other worthless. The t-shirts were sliced into a stretchy warp for a tapestry weave with the already blended colours of wool as weft. Using t-shirt as warp led us into exploring the possibilities the t-shirt as raw material offers us. We are showing six t-shirts made out of old t-shirts. In each one of these there is more than one t-shirt. They are multi-layered or made into yarn. They are made in a variation of craft techniques: knitting, crochet, weaving, running stitches, needle lace, layering etc."

See their work as part of the 2023 Artists in Residence Group Show until Saturday 6 April 2024.

Image: 2023 Artists in Residence Group Show in situ. Photo: Marie Luise Skibbe

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